Workplace Classes


There is no denying that employees are the most important assets in any business, organisation or company.  Therefore, ensuring employees health and wellbeing is of paramount importance.


Tai Chi And Qigong?


Tai Chi and Qigong are essentially a form of moving meditation. Allowing you to get the same benefits of meditation, while still moving the body.  Both practices have been heavily researched and studies continually show great benefits for both the body and the mind.


The Main Benefits include:

• Reducing Stress
• Aiding in Relaxation
• Improving Balance
• Improving Focus and Concentration
• Improving Strength
• Improving Flexibility
• And many more!


How it Benefits Staff:

Tai Chi and Qigong help combat the two biggest workplace issues.

Prolonged sitting and workplace stress.

It is important to find ways to combat these two unavoidable factors of the workplace. And that is where Present Movement’s workplace classes come in.





How Could a Class Benefit Your Business?


Studies have shown that workplace wellness programs lead to greater employee productivity and therefore profit to a business.

Tai Chi has been shown to be one of the most effective forms of exercise for improving a person’s overall health and well-being. The unique nature of Tai Chi which involves slow, fluid and controlled movements gives employees a chance to take a break and slowdown from the often-busy nature of the workplace.




“A great break to have in the middle of the workday to clear the mind and return relaxed and refreshed with a clear head for the afternoon’s challenges.   Also great for coordination and muscle toning as we learn the sequence of movement.” – La Trobe University Staff Member

“The classes are enjoyable, relaxing and have also given a noticeable improvement in flexibility and coordination.” – La Trobe University Staff Member

“Isaac is a good instructor who is able to adapt classes to our varying abilities and is always willing to recap and correct movements to ensure we have been able to progress from week to week and develop the sequence of movements we have been learning.” – La Trobe University Staff Member


How it Works:

  • We come to you
  • A class is performed at your workplace. All that is needed is an open space and we are good to go!
  • 1 class per week during lunch break
  • 45-Minute Class 
  • Classes consist of a warm-up, learning of a form and cool down
  • Learn a 12 form Tai Chi Set that has been specifically developed for improving health and wellbeing
    Learn 8 Qigong movements that can easily be integrated into everyday life for reducing stress and improving focus



Structure of a Class:

One 45 minute classes per week, for 8 weeks.  This will generally give sufficient time and continuity to your employees, allowing them to experience the full benefits of Tai Chi.

Employees will leave the program having learned an entire 12 set Tai Chi form as well as relevant Qigong exercises that they can incorporate into their everyday lives to help reduce stress and improve overall health and wellbeing.





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