Classes for Students

Classes for Uni Students 


Previously being a University student myself I understand the stress that comes with studying a degree.

Especially when assignments, tests and assessments all seem to come at once, or exams time is approaching (and you are frantically trying to learn the entire semester in a few weeks) it’s extremely taxing both mentally and physically.

Throw life commitments on top of this and you can end up feeling pretty damn stressed and even overwhelmed at times. 



I also know that being a young person having grown up with technology and smart phones that we have become extremely attached and addicted to our phones and technology.

Rarely giving ourselves time to switch off and take a break from our digital worlds.  





With this in mind I decided that I would like to offer classes that are run specifically for students and young people. Giving you a chance to slow down and break away from the stress of juggling study, life and the digital world.


I aim to run classes that are fun, relatively easy to learn and as approachable as possible.

Some of the things we do in the classes may seem strange at first but I can assure you that you will see benefits from attending some classes.


Please read the pages on Tai Chi and Qigong and Mindfulness for more information. 

And see whether a class may be for you.

Watch the video below of why more and more young people are practicing Tai Chi and Qigong.